Juice Fiji Founder’s valuable contribution: Workplace Health and Wellness- Promoting a healthy lifestyle at the workplace

Panapasa Daunakamakama, Founder – Juice Fiji

One of the best ways you can do to show that you are concerned about your employees well-being is by instituting a workplace wellness program. These programs aim to provide resources to employees that encourage them to focus on their health and develop a positive lifestyle. Such programs do not just benefit the employees but it is also good for the company as well because if the employees are healthy, the company will be healthy.

A company cannot only promote wellness by “exercise”, businesses should also focus on providing healthy snacks and beverages to create a healthy lifestyle for their employees. When it comes to “Fijian Made” beverages, very few examples can be thought off. Among these few “Juice Fiji”- SHAKE ME TO WAKE ME, is the first heathy drink that could be thought off. Juice Fiji started 7 years ago which specializes in herbal juice which protects people from NCD’s and boosts the immune system. Since food is very essential for life, rather spend it on healthier things than spending on restaurants. Juice Fiji uses fresh fruits, veggies and herbal medicines to make the juice nutritious.

The produce is available in retail outlets: Kundan Singh. Max Value alone with other small scale shops. Let us introduce to you’re the three companies that have created a culture of health at their workplace. Read more on HR Health & Wellness tips in Executive Impact Magazine Launch Issue, October…

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